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Tibetan Prayer Flags – Carry blessings to all beings June 28, 2006

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Tibetan Prayer Flags 

Prayer Flags in Tibet are called Lung Ta (wind horse), which is both literal of the image, and symbolic of the action of the  flags. The idea is that by hanging these flags in high places such as from the top of stupas and across mountain paths, the Wind Horse will carry the blessings depicted on the flags to all beings.

White Tara Prayer Flags. Tara, known as Dolma or Drolma in Tibet, is said to have been born with Green Tara out of the compassionate tears of Avalokiteshvara to aid him in liberating all living beings  from their misery. The transformed Buddha of compassion, Tara represents the entire enlightened activities of all Buddhas.

The central image of the Wind Horse carries the  “Flaming Jewel” which is the wish fulfilling jewel of enlightenment. The writing printed on the flags include the mantras of  Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche),  Chenrezi, and Manjushri. The five colors of the flags represent the five elements: blue for space, white for water, red for fire, green for wind, and yellow for earth.

The Divine Universe Prayer Flags come in a roll of five sets of five colors each (25  flags), strung on a sturdy nylon cord. Hang them in your trees, in your garden, or across your patio, and increase your merit by the action of blessing all beings.  Our strings of 25 flags in cotton gauze come in 3 sizes. (Please note that these are the image sizes: actual size of the flag may vary but will be a bit larger.) Our  smallest size is approximately 6″x 6″ and are great for indoor use or to hang in small spaces. Our ‘standard’ medium size prayer flags are 8″ square, and a large 12″x12″ size.

To order please visit our Online Store at www.thedivineuniverse.com and click on Prayer Flags.



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