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Love….lov..luv…lv.. July 18, 2006

Posted by thedivineuniverse in Blogroll, Latest Posts.

Most of us will agree that life without love would be unbearable. Certainly love is one of life’s most precious gifts and is worth holding onto.
   When the object of our affection is either unaware, uninterested, or no longer able to return our love, it can be very upsetting, even debilitating. We may feel that our one chance or our best chance at love is lost. That no other can replace him/her. That in losing the love of this person, we, ourselves are less than whole. We may feel incomplete. Our appetite may be diminished. The world is no longer the wonderfully happy and safe place that we once knew it to be.
   At this point the temptation is to do what it takes to bend the will of the one we love to love us in return. In order to recapture what we have lost, we feel the need to change his/her feelings and thoughts. To return the affections that were once directed lovingly towards us.
   Some say that this type of behavior is ethically wrong. We were each given free will and the ability to choose our own destiny. To alter someone’s chosen path could result in all sorts of karmic struggle for them, for us, and for others who may have been destined to meet and fall in love with us at some future date.
   The Divine Universe aids to solve the problem differently. At the root of this dilemma is the feeling that love is lost. To replace the emptiness, to evoke a happier outlook, and to lighten the soul, there is no better solution than to gather and attract love, in its purest form, back into our lives! We need to fill our hearts and pathways with love and light and never be without it again. To manifest love and all its riches.



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