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Psychic Development July 18, 2006

Posted by thedivineuniverse in Blogroll.

Are there really only five senses? How do we explain knowing things when they are not seen, heard, felt (physically), smelled, or tasted?
   Everyone is born with a sense of knowing. Mothers know when their children need them. Many of us have a sense of what is to come. This is our intuition, our ESP, our 6th sense.
   The quickest way to enhance any of our senses is to close down the others and focus. When we wish to hear something better, we may close our eyes. Did you ever ask everyone to be quiet while you focused in on something far away and difficult to see?
   Meditation helps us to close down the five senses. We close our eyes, listen to very soothing non-invasive music, burn incense to block out other smells and get in a comfortable position for a sort of “floating” feeling.
   As the other senses relax and are neutralized, our sense of knowing comes into focus. Now we can ask our higher self and our guides for the answers to our dilemmas. Some of us have visions of things to come. Some have OBEs (out of the body experiences) and travel to places that they otherwise may never physically see.
   In order to expand our intuitive capabilities, to be more “psychic” and to receive answers to life’s most difficult questions,  It is important to note that a daily ritual of purification and protection is important when seeking to open the “third eye” in order that we may connect with only the purest and most positive energy forces.

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