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Power and Strength July 19, 2006

Posted by thedivineuniverse in Blogroll, Latest Posts.

Self-esteem is at the very core of all that can and does occur in ones life. Whether or not we pray or dream or set goals  our faith or belief in our own power and ability is essential. Even for those who believe that God answers prayers or that magic is received from the Goddess, it is crucial that in order to receive these gifts the individual must have the POWER and the STRENGTH to stand tall and allow the blessings into his/her life.
Power of LoveIt is a common fact that just when we need changes in our lives the most; we are at our weakest point. Therefore inner strength may be our first concern. With a strong, positive outlook and a faith in our own ability to shape our lives we can attract the best of life to ourselves and to others. We can attract the power of the universe, which will in turn empower us to create our own reality.
However, many of us have been raised by society to believe that it is our first responsibility to make others happy. We mistakenly believe that our achievements are not for ourselves, but for our parents or teachers or lovers or children. Over time as we try to please others more and more, we lose sight of what it is that we need or want and we allow decisions be made for us. It begins with pleasing those we love and it continues as we concern ourselves with how we look and act, which car we drive, what we do for a living, where we live, etc. Through the process of trying to be whatever we believe is socially acceptable, we fashion ourselves into the person that others have decided we should be. Gradually we lose our sense of self. We no longer know who we truly are. We are unable to make ourselves happy. We dont understand why we are so good at pleasing others and bringing happiness to others without being able to do the same for ourselves.Strength
Self-empowerment is essential to personal happiness. It is important to let go of the needs and desires of our partners or family members or co-workers. We must look within and respect our own needs and opinions. You are your first responsibility. You cannot help others if you are not strong.
It is your turn to raise your personal power and to achieve all that you are able to achieve. Remember that at the basis of all magical pursuit are the STRENGTH of belief and the POWER of conviction. You deserve a good life. You deserve love, peace, and prosperity.



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