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Try cleansing you home…. August 2, 2006

Posted by thedivineuniverse in Blogroll, Latest Posts.

 Let the negativity release from your home… Guide your good intentions to bring you POsitive Change to your environment–


 Sage commands the attention of our Spiritual and Elemental helpers. Sage smoke carries our prayers and intentions. It purifies and cleanses our inner and outer environments. Sage Bundles are use in ceremony as well as everyday cleansing. Healers and Psychics these Smudge Sticks in preparation, during, and after each session to clear the channel as well as blessing and releasing the service

Light a Smudge Stick and extinguish flame allowing the Sage to smolder. Wave or use a feather fan to disperse the smoke thourgh your Aura and into your Home and your Sacred Spaces. Hold your intent as you Smudge Clear and Purify. Use Sage Smudge Sticks regularly to keep yourself, your tools, crystals and homes clear to receive abundant light.

Cleansing is key to communicating your positive change.



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