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Discovering a World of Enlightenment August 24, 2006

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Welcome to the Universe Blog August 24, 2006

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Scout about and check out our many interests, products and topics here.  This is our focal point for News, Updates and relative information we find on the web. 

Search our catergories for up to date New arrivals on our Products at the Divine Universe.  TheDivineUniverse Shop-on-line is an Awesome site featuring Natural and Cultural Items to promote balance, serenity and happiness in our lives. 

Also, check out our bookmark links on the bottom right of our blog for Business and Conversation Links to some awesom sites affiliated with The Divine Universe.

We’re loven you here. Enjoy everything we have to offer and be updated regularly through our RSS feeds brought staright to your Home Page.

New Floating Fairy Figure Just Arrive! August 22, 2006

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Floating Fairies $16.95 on SaleSuspended above a toadstool grove in mid-flight, this petite lady is a fairy collector’s delight! This unique ornament features a graceful goldtone loop that holds this darling figure aloft. Simply stunning! Polyresin. 4″ x 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ high.

On SALE Now… $16.95

Why you experience what you experience. August 2, 2006

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Life can be complicated if you let it be.  Manifestations can take over if you allow them to.  For example;  If you work in an office environment with let’s say 4 other people, each person has a different personality and a different level of understanding.  One person might be young and care-free, another may be older and more experienced and grown.  That’s a beautiful opportunity for you to learn from both. However, you can also bring home their problems, worries, negativity and allow them to cause within your immediate space.    Why?

Try cleansing you home…. August 2, 2006

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 Let the negativity release from your home… Guide your good intentions to bring you POsitive Change to your environment–


 Sage commands the attention of our Spiritual and Elemental helpers. Sage smoke carries our prayers and intentions. It purifies and cleanses our inner and outer environments. Sage Bundles are use in ceremony as well as everyday cleansing. Healers and Psychics these Smudge Sticks in preparation, during, and after each session to clear the channel as well as blessing and releasing the service

Light a Smudge Stick and extinguish flame allowing the Sage to smolder. Wave or use a feather fan to disperse the smoke thourgh your Aura and into your Home and your Sacred Spaces. Hold your intent as you Smudge Clear and Purify. Use Sage Smudge Sticks regularly to keep yourself, your tools, crystals and homes clear to receive abundant light.

Cleansing is key to communicating your positive change.

Buy a T-Shirt & Plant a Tree July 30, 2006

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Wake Up & Love the World! 

Contribute to the Environment!  Plant a seed!

Plant a Tree T

 Your purchase price of these shirts includes the planting of an 18-24 inch mahogany, cacao or cedar tree seedling in your name. Simply affix a stamp and mail in the postcard attached to the shirt. When you mail the postcard, select your preferred tree variety. Your tree will be planted and cared for in protected areas of El Salvador by the non-profit organization Trees Water & People .

Plant Trees!

Get yours today! HERE

The Memorial Forest program gives families, friends, and co-workers the opportunity to make donations in a loved one’s name, creating a forest that will live on in their memory. Past Memorial Forests have raised over $1,500 dollars, enough to plant 1,500 trees – a wonderful gift to the world and a special way to remember someone. Memorial Forest trees are planted in and around the Magdalena Protected Area of El Salvador.

Plant a Tree Information

Local So.FLA Event – Buddhist Film Fest July 20, 2006

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AUGUST 10, 12, 14 and 15





(Fort Lauderdale, FL ) June 12, 2006    The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) announced today that they will present special showiings of the re-released, recut and digitally restored documentary, TIBET: A BUDDHIST TRILOGY, between August 10 and 15 (schedule below).  The screenings will place take at FLIFF’s year-round art house, Cinema Paradiso, located at 503 SE 6 street in downtown Fort Lauderdale.  Tickets are: $8 general admission, $7 seniors/students, $5 FLIFF Members, with the exception of the Saturday Afternoon Matinee which are $12 General Admission, $10 Students and Seniors and $10 FLIFF members.

The re-release of the acclaimed documentary, by director Graham Coleman, has not been seen in 20 years (1979) and is an epic journey into the heart of a hidden world.  The updated version includes additional material, a new commentary, and has been edited down from its original four hours to a more compact running time, retaining its three-part structure.

Part 1 introduces us to the richness of Tibetan Buddhist culture and observes the Dalai Lama in his dual role as Head of State and spiritual teacher, filming him in his residence in Dharamsal, North India.

The central section of the film generates a vision of Tibetan society previously unseen. Set entirely within the confines of one monastery, in the remote mountain retreats and within the township with the monastery serves, the film follows the lamas of the Sakya Monastery in Boudha, Nepal, as they prepare to perform an ancient protective ritual known as A Beautiful Ornament.

In Part 3, we move to the landscape of Ladakh, following the monks and farmers through their day and ending with a depiction of the monastery’s moving ritual response to a death in the community. The promise is that this is the first time the film is shown as intended. 

Screenings will take place as follows:

  • Thursday, August 10 at 9:00pm
  • Saturday, August 12 at 11:45am / refreshments will be served beginning at 11AM. Buddist Monk, Geshe Konchog Kyab, resident teacher at the Tubten Kunga Center will be our guest speaker, following the screening. 
  • Monday, August 14 at 7:00pm followed by a special screening of the Documentary “PeaceJam”. The award winning documentary includes commentary by 12 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, including the Dalai Lama
  • Tuesday, 15 at 7:00pm. A film discussion with Lama Karma Chotso, resident teacher at Kagyu Shedrup Choling will follow the screening.  For additional information, showtimes and directions to Cinema Paradiso, please visit our website at www.fliff.com or call 954-525-FILM. 

Operated by the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Cinema Paradiso is South Florida’s most unique art house movie theater presenting films from around the world.  The theater offers the most comfortable, plush stadium seating in South Florida along with a full bar, lobby and courtyard tables.

Each week Cinema Paradiso presents the latest in independent films, extreme sports films, anime, local films and other specialty presentations.  Virtually all the films presented at the theater will be the only South Florida screening. For information show times and information on FLIFF memberships, please visit the website at www.fliff.com  or call 954-525-FILM. 


The theatre is located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale at 503 SE 6th St, on the south side of the New River, one block East of the Broward County Courthouse. 
From US 1 north
Head south past Broward Blvd, thru tunnel to SE 7 Street, turn right, go 2 blocks to SE 5 Ave, which takes you directly to the Cinema.
From I-95 north

Exit Broward Boulevard, go east to SE 3rd Avenue, turn right, go over the bridge and the first light will be SE 6 Street. Turn left, Cinema is one block ahead on the left. From I-95 south
Exit Davie Boulevard, go east to SE 3rd Avenue, turn left, go two traffic lights to SE 6 Street, turn right, Cinema is one block ahead on the left.

Operated by Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Cinema Paradiso is South Florida’s most unique year-round, art house movie theater presenting films from around the world. The theater boasts of having the most comfortable and plush stadium seating in South Florida along with a full bar, lobby and courtyard tables. Located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale on the South side of the New River, one block east of the Broward County Courthouse.Tickets $8 general admission, $7 seniors and students, $5 FLIFF members


is free at street meters after 6pm nightly and all day on Sundays. You can also park for free at the County Courthouse Parking Garage Mon ­ Fri from 4:45pm and all day and night on Saturday and Sunday.

Skateboards for Girls! July 20, 2006

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Holly Lyons Pro Board

The Divine Universe is proud to affiliate with Cool Girls Skateboards in distribution on the East Coast of their ‘CoolGrrrls’ skateboards.

Cool Girl Skatedecks are made in California from the highest quality, hand selected 100% Canadian Maple veneers, and laminated with the stiffest glue in the industry. Then pressed into the latest concaves and shapes.

This new fen is enjoyed by girls as young as 5 or 6 years old and have sizes suitable for their age.

Skateboard Size Guide

Ages 6 to 10 – 7.25″ x 29″
Ages 10 to 13 – 7.5″ x 31.5″
Street, Teens & Up – 7.5″ x 31.5″
Womens’ Vert – 8″ x 32″

Skateboards are assembled with the following:

  •  Black Cargo Trucks
  •  54mm wheels
  •  Active bearings
  •  Pink tip screws & bolts
  •  and pink grip tape.

 All orders come with stickers & buttons. Visit the divine universe for more info on their ‘exploding’ line of skateboards here

Power and Strength July 19, 2006

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Self-esteem is at the very core of all that can and does occur in ones life. Whether or not we pray or dream or set goals  our faith or belief in our own power and ability is essential. Even for those who believe that God answers prayers or that magic is received from the Goddess, it is crucial that in order to receive these gifts the individual must have the POWER and the STRENGTH to stand tall and allow the blessings into his/her life.
Power of LoveIt is a common fact that just when we need changes in our lives the most; we are at our weakest point. Therefore inner strength may be our first concern. With a strong, positive outlook and a faith in our own ability to shape our lives we can attract the best of life to ourselves and to others. We can attract the power of the universe, which will in turn empower us to create our own reality.
However, many of us have been raised by society to believe that it is our first responsibility to make others happy. We mistakenly believe that our achievements are not for ourselves, but for our parents or teachers or lovers or children. Over time as we try to please others more and more, we lose sight of what it is that we need or want and we allow decisions be made for us. It begins with pleasing those we love and it continues as we concern ourselves with how we look and act, which car we drive, what we do for a living, where we live, etc. Through the process of trying to be whatever we believe is socially acceptable, we fashion ourselves into the person that others have decided we should be. Gradually we lose our sense of self. We no longer know who we truly are. We are unable to make ourselves happy. We dont understand why we are so good at pleasing others and bringing happiness to others without being able to do the same for ourselves.Strength
Self-empowerment is essential to personal happiness. It is important to let go of the needs and desires of our partners or family members or co-workers. We must look within and respect our own needs and opinions. You are your first responsibility. You cannot help others if you are not strong.
It is your turn to raise your personal power and to achieve all that you are able to achieve. Remember that at the basis of all magical pursuit are the STRENGTH of belief and the POWER of conviction. You deserve a good life. You deserve love, peace, and prosperity.

Love….lov..luv…lv.. July 18, 2006

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Most of us will agree that life without love would be unbearable. Certainly love is one of life’s most precious gifts and is worth holding onto.
   When the object of our affection is either unaware, uninterested, or no longer able to return our love, it can be very upsetting, even debilitating. We may feel that our one chance or our best chance at love is lost. That no other can replace him/her. That in losing the love of this person, we, ourselves are less than whole. We may feel incomplete. Our appetite may be diminished. The world is no longer the wonderfully happy and safe place that we once knew it to be.
   At this point the temptation is to do what it takes to bend the will of the one we love to love us in return. In order to recapture what we have lost, we feel the need to change his/her feelings and thoughts. To return the affections that were once directed lovingly towards us.
   Some say that this type of behavior is ethically wrong. We were each given free will and the ability to choose our own destiny. To alter someone’s chosen path could result in all sorts of karmic struggle for them, for us, and for others who may have been destined to meet and fall in love with us at some future date.
   The Divine Universe aids to solve the problem differently. At the root of this dilemma is the feeling that love is lost. To replace the emptiness, to evoke a happier outlook, and to lighten the soul, there is no better solution than to gather and attract love, in its purest form, back into our lives! We need to fill our hearts and pathways with love and light and never be without it again. To manifest love and all its riches.