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The Journey to Burning Man

August 28th 2006 through September 4th 2006 – The Burning Man Project.

One full week of Camping in the deserts of Nevada under your own personal governemental control.  The opportunity to Express your true being in a city developed to guide you to it.  Radical Self expressing? True Balancing?  Discovery of your Being?  I hope so…

My journey begins in less than 3 weeks… I have soulfully designed my “radical” attire entirely delivering my sexy spiritual being. Ive prepared for the elements and my survival and am super blessed to be travelling with a friend who is continuing to undergo radiation for the cancer she developed; with nine more treatments to go before leaving on our trip together, what an amazing spirit she has. I love her…

We plan on flying into Reno, renting a car, go food shopping and head on in to the City.  I will begin a Journal starting from the oh so long flight from Fort Lauderdale to Reno any thoughts or ideas will be jotted down there and I will bring the complete experience home and online as soon as I get back.   During the days before, I will try to update this blog with links and bookmarks to familarize readers with the event. 

ANY Comments, thoughts, Ideas, suggestions would be totally appreciated!  Please post any thing relevant to this page.  I would LOVE to hear it.



1. anonymous - August 24, 2006

The Count downs on! 4 More days…. Im toTaLly PsyChed! YeeooOOOww! We’re getting things together.. Should come back with some awesome pictures, videos, stories, adventures.. See ya all soon

2. Brairtytili - July 21, 2007

how are you
Goodness, the abundant mammoth distinctly underwrote without one stiff mongoose. audio cassette player

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