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We have launched all of our Inventory & Merchandise in to our On-Line Store.  Visit our web site here and Discover Quality accessories that will bring Peace & Tranquility to your home or office.  

Looking for the perfect gift to mark the sacred rites and passages we encounter in our life here on earth find them in our shop and send the message and the gift of understanding.

If you like what you see in our Store, sign up for our mailing list and periodically receive news, updates and amazing discounts and some of your favorite items.

The Divine Universe is proud to offer items to fill your home with Peace, Love & Tranquility.

Each of our items are guaranteed to inspire the home or Send a message of understanding & Inspiration to someone you love.

Looking for the Perfect gift to celebrate the many passages, sacred rites, transitions and connections encountered through life?
Visit our

Natural Clay Sculptures
These sculptures represent a few of the many places along the way where we cross over into new and unfamiliar landscape.
They are reminders of the amazing potential we have at every turn in life, to learn and grow when we tap in to our own creativity and wisdom.

Need balance to assure harmony in your home?

Our Feng-shui Gift Collection is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to attempt to achieve harmony with the environment.

We all have our own style, wisdom and connection…. Find yours in our Spiritual Gift shop.

Tribal Gift Collection
Fairy Gift Collection
Celestial Gift Collection
Sword Collection
Pewter Gift Collection

SAGEMAN Drums Copyrighted 2005Enjoy the wonders of the world and experience Culture with our hand selected line of Djembe Drums from SAGEMAN Drums.

The Djembe is the drum of the Mandinka people, and its origins dates back to the great Mali Empire of the 12th century. Of all the African drums, the djembe has become extremely sought after in the Western world and is regarded as the most popular.

Large 16″ Djembe Drums
Medium 12″ Djembe Drums



1. christashjian - December 14, 2009

Djembes imported from Africa have amazing sounds and are good for so many different types of music. I work for a company now that imports African drums imported from West Africa. Check it out at http://www.africaimports.com

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